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February 10, 2011

The Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM) is an internationally-recognized clinical and research institute that focuses on medical reconstructive sciences. iRSM is a joint initiative between the University of Alberta, Covenant Health and Alberta Health Services. The unit is based in the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.

iRSM’s mandate is to specialize in head and neck reconstruction and rehabilitation; they use osseointegrated (bone) implanted devices for prosthetic replacement of facial and intra-oral defects resulting from cancer, trauma and congenital conditions.

To help promote and spread the word of their work, staff of the iRSM gave multiple presentations to Edmonton Junior High students at the Telus World of Science in late November.

Bringing to life information about the auditory system and hearing loss, speech and swallowing disorders, and the apparent favorite to the junior high students – facial prostheses, the iRSM staff kept the students engaged throughout each presentation, evident by the explosion of questions and the murmurs of excitement at the end.

And of course, we were there to capture the action.

Photography: Aryn Franklin

Please visit the iRSM website to learn more

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