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Freakishly Organized

May 26, 2011

Binders, staplers, paper clips, organizers, agendas, folders, sharpies (of all colors), sticky notes, color coded tabs…..Yup SLP’s like their stationary.

After eight months of reading, studying, test writing and cramming more information into my brain then I ever thought possible it is finally time to put that knowledge to use. Yes, the time has come for the first round of clinical practicums…and with them a trip to the stationary store!

 Clinical practicums can be a very busy time. Dates, schedules, meetings, planning and countless little bits of information pelted at you from all directions. For this reason I have  found it very important to get organized. Now for most people I know “getting organized” might as well mean getting a root canal while a wolf chews off their foot but not for us SLP types, no sir. For SLP’s, getting organized is like Christmas come early!

I like to start my organizing binge with a trip to the stationary store. My shopping list contains the usual assortment of color coded delicacies ranging from  folders to rainbow colored sticky notes. The excitement I feel as I walk down the stationary isle must be palpable to anyone within a mile of me! I’m sure I’m glowing with some kind of crazed look on my face! The man next to me steps away a few feet as I reach for the rainbow pack of sticky notes. I smile at him and he asks “Like stationary do you?” I smile back sheepishly, “Just a little” I reply. I check out at the till and race home to put my new found friends to work.

From here I usually disappear into my office for a good two hours, sorting, labeling, filing, and color coding. My boyfriend walks in at the peak of my organizing frenzy, takes one look at me and slowly backs out the door. I laugh to myself but don’t stop as I slip one more schedule into a see through slip cover and place it gently into the front of my now labelled and tabbed binder. Stroking it softly, the contentment I feel is difficult to rival. I finish the rampage with one last label for a binder and then stack it neatly onto my desk shelf. A sigh of contentment washes  over me as I look over my masterpiece. Until next time my friends, until next time.

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