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Clinicians in the Making: A week in Review!

May 11, 2012

Before we left for our one-week break after our winter term, our professors advised us to get lots of rest and relax as much as we could before we came back for the spring term and the start of clinic. Having just written 5 exams, we all agreed that relaxation was in order, but were sure our profs were exaggerating just how busy clinic would be…..after all, we were only getting two clients right??

Our first day back demonstrated to us just how busy life could get as a first year student clinician. There were classes and seminars to attend, group meetings to schedule, files to review, phone calls to make, interview plans to develop, not to mention busy continued research work and committee involvement work on top of that! It’s a wonder how any of us made it to Friday!

There was a noticeable change in the air with this term however, as the reality of having the responsibility of clients and our imminent clinical debuts set in. We were all definitely busy, but layered on top was the crackle of excitement. Picking up our student clinician badges and pinning them to our clothes only confirmed the fact that we were well on our way to becoming real clinicians!

On top of the meetings and planning came many learning opportunities as well, from learning about the components of assessment, to tips on how to effectively work in a team situation, to advice on professional dress. Clinic at the U of A is structured in such a way that we get classes and seminars on how to effectively assess, treat, and work with families, at the same time that we will be actually carrying out these tasks with our clients, which provides an amazing support system for us as students. Students are paired up with one other student to form a treatment team that works with two clients (either an adult and a child, or two children). This treatment team is then paired up with another team to serve as a consultation team, doing observations, and giving advice and assistance where needed. The group of four is then paired up with a Clinician Educator, who serves as a mentor to the students, guiding them in their clinical journey.

Overall, I am not quite sure how I ended up here, at the end of the week, with my brain still intact, and somehow, with all the items on my to-do list crossed off.  I can only imagine what next week will bring, but I am sure it will be filled with tonnes of learning opportunities, and (gasp!) our first introductions to our clients!

Now, where did I put that bottle of wine…….

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  1. Angela permalink
    May 21, 2012 6:45 am

    You will be great 🙂

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