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RALLI the troops!

May 26, 2012

It is often the case that we see clients with a varying range of issues. There can be receptive and expressive delays, articulation difficulties, as well as cognitive and other developmental delays, sometimes all at the same time! However, there are also clients who will come to us with problems that are centered only in language. As Professor Dorothy Bishop describes in the video, there are some clients who will receive a diagnosis of SLI (another sneaky acronym to learn and recognize in our field), which stands for “Specific Language Impairment.” These children may be at a developmentally appropriate level in other areas, but when it comes to language, they may have many issues. As the clients featured in the video point out, spelling, understanding, reading, and auditory processing can become very difficult.

The RALLI campaign is a project that was recently launched in the UK by Dorothy Bishop, of Oxford University, Gina Conti-Ramsden of the University of Manchester, Courtenay Norbury of the University of London and Maggie Snowling, of the University of York. RALLI, which stands for “Raising Awareness of Language Learning Impairments” is aimed at increasing knowledge of SLI and making public videos readily available, with information from professionals in the field, and clients who have been diagnosed and treated for SLI.

A figure from Paul (2007) estimated that 60% of problems with learning in school go hand in hand with a specific language impairment. As language is the basis for learning in school, relating to peers, participating in activities, and eventually going out and finding a job, it is easy to see how important early diagnosis and intervention is for children (and even undiagnosed adults) with a SLI.

The RALLI campaign has a whole channel of youtube videos dedicated to raising awareness of language learning impairments, including clear, straightforward explanations of what it is and how it manifests, as well as interviews with clients, which help give an inside look into what it would be like to have difficulty with language.

Check out the youtube channel, share with your friends, and spread the word about SLI, and how a speech pathologist can help with these difficulties!

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