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So you’ve been accepted! Now what?

August 23, 2012

I can remember my very first day in program. As I walked up the stairs into Corbett Hall I wondered what was in store for me, who I would be friends with, how I would balance everything that was about to come at me!

My first day was a blur. I felt like I met a hundred people that day, and worried that I would never remember everyone’s name. I was told about dates and coming events that I frantically scribbled down. I was given a tour of the building, and felt as though I would be lost every time I would try to navigate myself around the building.

However, I eventually learned everyone’s names, worked out a schedule, and I could probably navigate the halls of Corbett in my sleep now. I had gotten a request for a post about what to expect in your first year so I thought I would compile a short “survival guide” for all our new speechies starting the program in September!

    1. Take a deep breath! You are about to embark on an exciting adventure towards your future career. The first couple of days may seem overwhelming, but just relax and try to take it all in. All the important details will be repeated and you’re going to be surround by 60 other students and an incredibly important staff. So try to enjoy your first week and settle into the flow of it all.
    2. While relaxing is important, hard work is too. Classes start right away, so its important to figure out a system for yourself to balance out the readings and assignments.
    3. While you will be meeting 60 great other future SLP’s in your program, it will be important to find a group of people that you can work well with, as you will be faced with tonnes of group projects and presentations.
    4. Find a way to organize all of the incredible resources you will be getting in the program so when it comes to clinic time you have easy access to them!
    5. Being part of the SLP programs means that you get to be part of OASIS, the Organization of Alberta Students in Speech. There are many great volunteer opportunities from being president to serving on the various committees that keep everything running smoothly. Check out the positions here (you’ll also get briefed on each position during the first week).
    6. If you’re new to the city, and even if you’re not, make sure you take the chance to get out and explore. As you’ll learn, there is a lot to do in the program, and while it is all definitely achieveable, taking mental health breaks is important too!
    7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it! From your second year buddy to the staff in the office (Noriko and Vicki know EVERYTHING) to the amazing professors we get, there is so much support and everyone wants you to do well.
    8. Take a look back at all you’ve accomplished to get into the program and pat yourself on the back! Get ready for a great year in the SLP program!

-Adele Courchesne

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