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An SLP outing

October 15, 2012

To reward ourselves for getting through three midterms, a group of classmates and I went to the theater on cheap Tuesday (after all, we are still students!) to watch a movie we thought would have nothing to do with what we had all been studying madly for, for the past couple of weeks.

Pitch Perfect is a movie about the a cappella singing world, with groups of students from several American schools competing in a national competition for aca-supremacy. Much to our enjoyment however, the movie also focused on issues such as vocal nodules, vocal ranges, and loudness, all while incorporating hilarious puns and other a cappella related humor. These were especially relevant topics for us, as our recent voice classes and labs have been focusing on these very issues!

This week we had the opportunity to do assessments on drama students here at the U of A. While they may not have been a cappella stars, they put their voices to work every day on the stage and in the classroom. SLP students spent several labs practising on each other before they were paired with a drama student to practise their assessment skills, including getting measures of frequency, range, loudness and variation in the voice. It was a great experience for all involved, and demonstrated the work that SLPs do in the area of voice, with both regular and professional voice users.

With all the voice related knowledge accompanying us to the movie, we especially appreciated the comedic take on issues such as loudness (one of the characters spoke very very quietly), and a reduced vocal range after an elective vocal nodule surgery (one of the characters confesses that her doctors don’t think she will be able to hit a G#4….like ever! ). I’m sure everyone in the room could tell we were SLP students by our synchronized laughter and knowing looks at each other every time the characters said vocal “chords” instead of vocal “folds”.

Humor aside, our experience with the drama students and our insider knowledge at the movie theater showed me yet another set of clients SLPs work with everyday: the professional voice user, whether it be a drama student or an a cappella singer hoping to make a career out of exploring the maximal capabilities of their voice.

-Adele Courchesne

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  1. Chris Floden permalink
    October 16, 2012 7:44 am

    If you were to follow up with the movie the King’s Speech you would probably cover a whole range of your courses between the two…

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