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Our talented Faculty!

February 10, 2013

The Speech Pathology program at the U of A in Edmonton, AB is one of two SLP schools in Western Canada, (the other being located in Vancouver, BC) and as it is located in the smaller of the two cities, it is especially exciting when one of our own gets media recognition for a special talent.

Dr. Bill Hodgetts, associate professor at the University of Alberta, and our very own audiology professor has been getting some new publicity for his song “I can hear whispers”, an ode to the outer hair cell. For those of you unfamiliar with the inner workings of your audiological system (hearing), the outer hair cells receive information from the brain and modify the way the inner ear responds to sound. These delicate hairs have two functions (as Dr. Hodgetts drilled into us during our Audiology class:)

  • Amplify sounds that are below 50dB SPL (which helps us to hear quiet sounds)
  • Sharpen the traveling wave peak

Once damaged, these hair cells do not regenerate or grow back, although current research is focusing on how to overcome this obstacle.

Take a listen to his song, learn a little bit more about the inner ear, and enjoy the talents of U of A’s very own rising star!

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