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Looking Back at Oasis

November 7, 2013


It’s been a month since the 2013 Oasis Conference, and University of Alberta undergraduate student, Rebecca, who is planning on applying to the program next fall,  tells us about her experience.

1. Why did you attend Oasis?

“I attended Oasis for two reasons:

1) to get more knowledge about the application process and

2) to hear the great seminars.”

2. What did you think of the “How to Survive the Application Process” seminar?

“This was my second time attending the seminar. The first time, in 2010, I found it super helpful. The second time around I found that I didn’t learn a whole lot more, but it was a nice confirmation of what I already knew.”

3. Which was your favourite session?

“My favourite session was definitely the one about adults with autism – Transitioning into Adulthood.”

4. What topic would you like to see presented at the conference next year?

“I think the great thing about the conference is that it covers a wide range of topics. So what I want to see next year is the same great variety that there has been in the past to keep things interesting.”

Thanks a lot to Rebecca for sharing her thoughts with about the Oasis Conference!

If you attended the conference, what did you enjoy most?

If you were to attend, what would you be interested in hearing about?


– Author: B.Y.

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