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CAS Website Launches

January 16, 2016

OASIS is pleased to share the news that a new website has been launched regarding Childhood Apraxia of Speech. According to Dr. Qudsiyyah Bhayat, the website is “meant to serve the Edmonton community with regards to severe speech disorders and access to services,” as well as helping parents navigate the system between Alberta Health Services, Alberta Education, and so on.  This website will not only be a helpful tool in raising awareness and promoting early detection and treatment of motor speech issues, but it will also be a great resource for SLPs to offer parents.

Dr. Bhayat told us “the website is the initiative of the Apraxia Parent Committee of Alberta, a group of parents involved in advocacy and raising apraxia awareness.  We are parents who are health care professionals of different stripes, including a family physician, RN, and an SLP trained in apraxia, and other parents with varying talents. We hope the website is a valuable tool, and welcome suggestions to help improve it, and welcome any parents who would like to join our committee.”

The website contains valuable resources for parents, including parent support, links to their Facebook and Twitter pages, Apraxia-KIDS Webinars, evidence-based information on CAS and its treatment, and a link to parent-friendly information on knowing the signs of autism.

Please check it out at   or


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