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Reflecting on Alberta Aphasia Camp

October 14, 2016


Anita Ripmeester has given us permission to link to her reflection at the YouAlberta BlogSpot.  Thanks, Anita!

Anita relates her experience volunteering at Alberta Aphasia Camp to her current life as a second-year CSD student with a full course load, clinic, her research project, her role as a TA, and, on a personal note, having an aunt who has suffered a recent left hemisphere stroke.

So take a look at Anita’s blog and glimpse into a weekend of interdisciplinary collaboration for an amazing group of campers.

Thank you, as well, to Tamara Paetkau, also from the Class of 2017, for sharing her poignant Facebook post with us. In Tamara’s words:

It might not be much to look at, but for me, this is one of the most powerful photos I have ever shot. This is a photo of a man’s wheelchair. He is not in it because he was in a canoe, something he had wanted to do for the past two years of Alberta Aphasia Camp. During this, his third year at camp, a team of PTs, OTs, and SLPs finally made it happen. 
And it made me cry. — at YoWoChAs Outdoor Education Center.

aphasia camp.jpg


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