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Speech Spotlight: Andrea

January 5, 2018


 AS Hometown: Lethbridge, Alberta
Undergrad Degrees: Diploma in Theatre Arts – Grant McEwan University, Bachelor of Fine Arts Multidisciplinary – Great Distinction, University of Lethbridge
Interests & Hobbies: I sing, play piano and love to bake
Favourite thing about Edmonton: There’s always something to do in Edmonton, festivals, theatre, great restaurants!
Why did you decide to go into SLP? First – my dad had a stroke when I was in grade 10, but that didn’t really stick out until I was inspired by a random website talking about Music Therapy. I didn’t want to do that, but the tab next to it introduced me to Voice Therapy – a more specific road of Speech Language Pathology, that allows me to combine my love of singing and science into one great career.
Previous research or volunteer experience? I unfortunately did not have any research experience prior to the program and if I could go back and change that I think it would be extremely helpful! Volunteer experience: I worked at a clinic for children with a wide range of speech, language and hearing difficulties, and specifically with a little girl who had bilateral cochlear implants and was learning both English and Vietnamese. And finally, I volunteered with an adult Speech group with a range of diagnoses, from aphasia, to dysarthria due to traumatic brain injury, stroke, and some unknown causes. I also worked as a SLP-A at a preschool in Calgary, Alberta.
How did you find out you were accepted into the program? I was at work and saw the e-mail on my phone that I had got accepted, I ran to my SLP and started crying and she and I cried and hugged for a solid 10 minutes.
Hardest part of the program so far? Remembering that we all deserve to be here! We all worked our butts off to get into the program, its important to lean on each other and help each other when we need it.
Favourite part of the program so far? I love learning about the science behind breathing and talking and how everything works together. As well as the Cadaver lab – although I was originally terrified to go look at parts of the body, it definitely helped to solidify what we had learned in class and how it applies to real life.
What do you wish you had known before entering the program? It’s okay if you don’t know everything – we work as a team and the Prof’s are amazing at helping you on your path to a successful masters! You can do it!!!
One cool SLP related blog/article/website we should all check out: The pink Trombone!


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